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Newly Licensed? Looking for a career in Real Estate?  Maybe you have just passed your state and national tests or you are just starting to think about a career in Real Estate.  Either way, there are a lot of decisions to make and steps to take to make it happen.   Real Estate can be a very rewarding career and the potential is unlimited.   However, Real Estate can also be a very challenging career also.  Many people look at it from the outside and think that it sounds and looks fun but don't realize that it takes training, support and a company that will help you succeed.  Over 80% of agents do not make it past the fist couple of years.  We want agents to succeed and not be part of the statistics.   

When you decide to make the leap into a Real Estate career, know that picking a brokerage is just as important to your success as anything else you choose.   Many people pick a brokerage based on someone they know and maybe not for the tools and long term support.   At Counselor Realty, we strive on giving the tools and support to make sure that if you put in the time, effort and the willingness to learn, that you can succeed and make this a long term venture.  

Some of the things to consider are what is available for training and long term support.  At Counselor Realty, we have training available almost every week of the year.  We do take a week off from time to time but we feel that we have the most comprehensive training available anywhere in Bemidji.   If you are brand new to the business or you have been selling for quite a while, we feel that training is one of the most important aspects to the business.  Not only do we keep adding new technologies to our tool box but the things we did just a few years ago change at a fast pace also and consistently need refining.  

Our training each week covers things like CRM's, Facebook marketing, Zillow, Trulia, Property videos, Open houses, Open House videos, Lead generation, Lead follow up, Learning what to say, Contracts, Radon, Home inspections and an entire list of other evolving items.  

If you want to join our team or have questions you may need answered, please contact Doug Hoover at Counselor Realty at 218-766-5588 or send him an email at